Customer Experience Mapping

An experience map presents, with depth and richness, a journey of customer interactions across multiple channels, mediums and brand touch points. It is a tool used to visually illustrate current and chart new desired customer actions.

Why do organisations need Customer Experience Maps?

Smart organisations have realised that advances in technology and changes in customer expectations are demanding new innovative ways to serve customers.

A Customer Experience Map will:


Provide a strategic roadmap for future innovations and technology requirements in your business


Ensure that all customer needs and expectations are met at all brand , channel and other relevant business touch points


Visually illustrate customer behaviour and digital interaction


Identify enabling IT and marketing requirements per channel


Provide a clear & innovative way of presenting your customer experience vision going forward


A tool that aids with the buy-in from management on potentially costly investments in IT infrastructure

How does the Customer Experience Mapping process work?

The DOTNXT Customer Experience Mapping process is conducted in 4 key stages


1. Know the Customer

Inspiring and insightful workshops are facilitated to determine customer segments and profiles


2. Chart the Course

DOTNXT Innovation and Customer Experience Mapping specialists chart and map user journeys


3. Tell the Story

DOTNXT Information designers create visualisations of the customer experience and highlight key pain points and improvement areas


4. Use Your Map

A Customer Experience Map unique to your business is delivered in 6-8 weeks! #done

What are the key outputs of Customer Experience Mapping?


A Customer Experience Map in digital and printed format


All your business, operational and technical requirements visually presented in one document


Clear and accurate project prioritisation according to your client needs


Clear IT and marketing requirements and alignment across all platforms


Giant printed Customer Experience Maps make for useful office wallpapers… or at least we think so! :)

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